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When Meeting Us…Sports Card Buyers

We are Sports Card Buyers and Collectors. 

Many times people are unsure what to bring when meeting with us.  It is important to keep in mind this is not a typical baseball card show, we don’t sell anything.  We are sports card buyers and collectors.  We conduct private one-on-one appointments so we can really spend time cataloging and coming up with a precise value for your collection. Here are just somethings to consider before the appointment.

So in conclusion we are looking for the following sports cards:

  • We collect anything 1972 and older sport cards.
  • We are looking for complete or partial sets, stars and higher grade commons.
  • We will go over grading techniques, condition, and how to place a value on the cards.
  • We collect old tobacco cards from the late 1800s.
  • We collect vintage sports memorabilia.
  • We suggest you bring your entire collection of cards. More times than not people will come with parts of their collection and regret not bringing everything.
  • We pay cash for the collection on the spot.